Monday, June 8, 2015

The Book of Bartholomew and The Other Stories

I had the great pleasure the other morning of being interviewed by Ilana from The Other Stories. The Other Stories is a great website that shares an unpublished short story from a writer each week. Ilana interviews the writer and then the writer reads his story. At this point in time there are ten stories at the site.  Its great to hear the writer speaking about their inspirations, writing habits, and their particular story.  One of my short stories from The Book of Bartholomew will be podcasted on The Other Stories later in June or early in July. My short story is Claire.  It takes place in a chicken coop in Claire's parent's backyard. Claire is commiserating with Henrietta, a chicken - except Henrietta's concerns are a bit more drastic than Claire's.

I will post the date it will be podcasted and, who knows, I might throw a podcast party. Stay tuned.

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