Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jack-in-the-Pulpit Studio One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of the opening of Jack-in-the-Pulpit Studio.  It has been a fun year!

 Many classes in watercolor, botanical art and drawing have been offered.  There also were a few workshops and an oil painting class. I would like to thank everyone who has taken a class here at "the Pulpit."  I have enjoyed meeting each of you and I thank you for not only sharing your art talents, but also your lives.  Classes continue with the current round of classes beginning tomorrow night.  Check them out here.

I also have enjoyed having a well lit and spacious studio for my own painting.  It is the best studio space I have ever had -- and I am painting more because of it.  You can check out my most recent oil paintings at my personal website: markgranlund.com.

I am looking forward to this next year.  I have mostly promoted the classes through word-of-mouth and hope the Pulpit will slowly grow as a place where people can learn a solid understanding of how to create art and also have an opportunity to take the ol' creativity-car out for a spin.

My hope is that there will be some big changes this second year with the studio teaching space moving to the house next door to mine.  I am in the process of buying the property and am excited to have a separate space just for classes -- plus it will be really cute when I'm done.

I am also hoping to announce a project I am working on with World Without Genocide.  But I will wait until we hear about a grant we applied for.

Thank you all for your support!

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