Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Art Thought: Someone is Knocking at the Door

I wonder when to follow an established style and when not to.  My current painting is beginning to look like a Thomas Hart Benton painting.  Should I follow his style as I try to solve problems within the piece?  Should I ignore this style? Should I let Thomas Hart Benton in to my party?

1/2 Hour Later:  OK.  So I figured out that I can use THB to get down the structure in the painting.  After all his painting style captures shape and value really well. The area where the greens sprout out of the bulb was tricky to document, especially since the onion is growing so fast. I can use THB style to capture the structure of the onion and then go back in after it has dried and rework it in the style of Mark Granlund.

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