Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jack-in-the-Pulpit Studio - Studio Update

With less than a week before classes start, here are some pics of the teaching art studio almost done.

Here are two shots of the two sides of the teaching studio. It has a very pleasant feel to it. Tomorrow I will be installing one more set of tracklights and finishing a couple of electrical things.  I am working on creating a pleasant balance of warm lights for ambience and bright cool lights for seeing and making art - just part of making the best private studio in the Twin Cities for learning techniques to create fine art and botanical art. In the daytime, the windows let in wonderful sunlight.

Another wall of the studio. Here you see the door (sans knob - soon to come), a small bookcase, an original window in the original exterior wall of the house and a slice of the exposed original siding to the house (built in 1900). The bookcase will have art and botanical books. Above the books will be a bulletin board and clock.  Here people can find information about the groups and businesses Jack-in-the-Pulpit Studio is partnering with: Minnesota State Horticultural Society, Terrace Horticultural Books and Dreamland Arts Theater. The clock, well, that will be to tell time.

This is the door to the teaching studio (sans knob - soon to come).

I have a matching door to my private studio off the same hall (sans knob - soon to come).

We re-stained the stairway and will hopefully paint the walls this weekend.

Yes, there is a lot more work to do, like stripping and painting some trim. Here is an in-progress shot.

There has been much work done to make this studio a great place to teach and to learn. Several people have volunteered their time and help.  One former student (and future student, I hope) is donating some cabinets and a microwave. This weekend I will be picking up chairs and tables. This spring, we will be getting out into the yard and making gardens to paint in. I hope you can be a part of this fun adventure to provide quality art instruction.  Classes start next week - click here for info.


  1. Congratulations! You did it! What a great step and an incredible opportunity for "budding" artists and the experienced masters to meet, learn, teach, and form community. Hope the seeds found their way to you.

  2. Thanks, Mr. P. I did receive the jack-in-the-pulpit seeds from you and am storing them in my fridge until spring. Ground is too frozen for planting - they are talking about -29 degrees tonight. I am excited to interact with all kinds of people around art and nature. I will be posting some final studio shots later today as I finish up.