Monday, December 16, 2013

Teaching Studio Update

Changes are happening in the teaching studio as I am getting closer to the first class beginning. Above you see the general room so far.  Floor is painted, and walls and ceilings are being patched, too. It is interesting how the room seems to grow or shrink in size with each change.

The teaching studio is part of a newer addition to the home. A unique feature is the original window in the former exterior wall of the old house. The first image is of looking into the window from the stairway and the second is looking from the studio out into the stair and hallways. 

 I need to patch the ceiling.

I removed a closet wall and underneath one of the studs was the original siding from the house. I am leaving this strip to show the old siding, which is near the original window shown above.

This is the present stairway.

This is the current hallway floor.  The floor, when I bought the house, was covered with masonite and linoleum tile.  I will be fixing this up and painting it to match the studio floor, along with fixing trim, etc. I'm looking forward to the first students who will use this space starting January 7


  1. There is just something about being there at the beginning of something new and full of promise! Great idea to leave the original siding of the home showing! I have strips of original wallpaper saved. Our old 1950's bathroom counter top is back in style now. Ha! ;c) Looking forward to attending classes here Mark! I am in need of the motivation, instruction and artistic is also nice to dream of all things green in this kind of weather! -Sandy Tuzinski

  2. Sandy, I was happy to see that you signed up for a class. It will be fun to catch up. I had some small strips of wallpaper form the first floor, just enough to get a sense of what it was. See you Tuesday!