Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Funny Story - Watch Your Attachments

I recently e-mailed a woman to help me with a possible refinance of my mortgage.  I needed to send her a copy of my mortgage statement.  So I scanned three pages of the statement, saw scans 1, 2 and 3 in my scans folder, attached them to the e-mail and sent it off. Once the e-mail was sent it popped up on the screen and I could see the attachments.  Oops, instead of attaching my statements, I attached three drawings for the Fat Pig BBQ Sauce logo (on the left).  I quickly resent an email apologizing and saying I hoped she laughed instead of being offended. She wrote back that she was laughing
because she sent it off to her coworker to crunch the numbers without looking at the attachment.  Lesson learned, check my attachments before sending.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Illustration: Fat Pig BBQ Sauce logo

I recently created a pig image for the Fat Pig BBQ Sauce logo. Fat Pig BBQ Sauce is a very tasty sauce created by Brad and Michelle.  Honestly, I've had some and it is very good.  Well, they had a clip art pig on their label, but since they were a very small business, that worked fine.  But now they were making another batch of sauce and asked if I would tweak their pig for them.  Anyone who has read this blog knows I don't mind tweaking pigs. The image above is the first pig I created.  One of the requirements was that the pig be wearing a chef's hat.  The other was that the pig should be winking one eye.  I liked this one. 
I added the Fat Pig name so Brad and Michelle could see how the image might integrate with the text.  Although they liked this pig head, they did not choose it.  The fat pig below was the drawing they chose.  They liked the curly tale and the smile.  I okayed this sketch with them before adding color.  The only change they wanted was a little larger hat.
 I must digress here for a moment and share some more of the story.  When looking to create a fat pig, I decided to google the term "fat pig."  I did not have a real pig handy, so I wanted to look at a lot of images.  I have to confess I was not expecting what I found.  The first several images were of pig illustrations and some photos of large pigs.  These gave way to images of Brittany Spears!  The images were of her first comeback performance after her drug rehab.  She was obviously not in the best "Brittany" shape, but was still nowhere near fat.  Further down the page where images of obese women.  Okay, Brittany is a celebrity and I expect people to be judgmental and catty toward celebrities, but it was just plain rude to include these other women.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised -- but I was -- and insulted!  Why weren't there any images of obese men.  It is just incredibly unfair and insulting to these women.  I digressed and now I will unigress.

Below you can find the final colored image I created for the logo.  I am quite happy with it - he has some personality.  The little larger hat looks much better, too.  If Fat Pig BBQ Sauce ever takes off and you happen to come across it, try it.  You won't be disappointed.  Just don't call the pig Brittany!