Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Watercolor: Forget Me Not

This is a watercolor of a Forget Me Not flower I finished this morning. I don't know if I have much to say about this painting.  It is 7" x 11" on Fabriano hot press paper - my favorite.  I enjoyed sitting at my table drawing and painting this.  I'm quite happy with it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tony Orrico - 1 circle proto

Something beautiful.  Sometimes we have to have endurance to experience beauty.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Watercolor: Coreopsis

This is the first sketch for a watercolor I created of a coreopsis flower. In this drawing I was working on composition. Since this plant has flowers generally in the upward direction, but occasionally has a horizontal bloom popping out, I decided to go horizontal, like I did with the spiderwort painting of the last entry.  The part that caused the most consternation was the petal length.  Visually, my brain wants to see the petals all being equal length, but that is not always the case in nature.  The flower is tipping sideways and gravity has its effects.  Bottom petals want to curve up while upper petals reach for the sky.

This second drawing is one I traced from the first drawing so I could transfer it to watercolor paper.  In this step I eliminate all unnecessary detail and sketch lines that I did not want.  I will also adjust the pivot or angle of some parts.  I will trace this lightly onto the paper, therefore any small details can be lost.  Also, a transfer is an approximation.  Once I start adding color to the painting, I follow my eyes and my instincts,  The transfer gives me a reference point so my image is not too distorted. 

Here is the finished watercolor.  I completed it in two sittings, a week apart.  I had to cut more flowers because the original had died.  I find this painting acceptable but a bit of a characterization instead of a good observational treatment.  Unfortunately, my mind wondered at a few crucial moments during the process - much of that having to do with acquiring a new puppy that likes to chew on everything and needed house-training.