Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Chicken Story

This is a drawing of a chicken previously seen in a video:

I drew this chicken from a photo I had taken of my neighbors chickens, a Silver-Spangled Hamberg.  My neighbor, I will call her Ms. Frogstad, has several chickens.  She has had her own chickens for quite some time.  Some of her current chickens came from another neighbor of hers.  This other neighbor had chickens, but then had a child and decided it was too much work to keep the chickens.  This other neighbor, I will call her Ms. Brooklyn, is a coworker of mine.  I had previously painted some of her chickens.  Well, I didn't paint her chickens - I made paintings of her chickens.  I had also made a video of myself painting one of her chickens.  Here is the video of me painting her chicken:

Now it just so happens that both the chicken I painted, and the chicken I drew look very similar.  But of course, all chickens of the same species look similar.  But could these have been the very same chicken two years apart?  You can tell from my hand in both videos, that I have kept my youthful tone and attitude in spite of the intervening years.  It is not easy being an artist and keeping a youthful appeal, what with the heavy drinking, recreational drug use, way too much sex and the occasional self-mutilation.  But I have managed to do well in this area, at least when it comes to my right hand.

But was this the same chicken two years later?  I was loosing sleep wondering if this were the case.  How odd that would have been.  What a sign from the heavens that would be.  Should I assume that God wanted me to continually recreate this chicken?  Was I supposed to paint objects twice, two years apart?  There is so much of my future riding on this strange coincidence.

In the end, the first chicken I painted was a Silver-laced Wyandotte.  The second one that I drew was a Silver Spangled Hamberg.  Not much mystery there.  I became depressed for two weeks.  Now, I wasn't sure about the direction my life should take.  But, thankfully, I have found my bearings once again.  I have visited the chickens since and performed healing ceremonies while they just look at me and "cluck."

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