Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oil Painting: Laura's Dog

This is a dog painting in oil I recently completed. It is my friend Laura's dog. Laura lives in New York City and has two dogs that she takes out for walks and would, for me, take photographs of them taking a pee.

I finally finished this painting.  It will be used for the cover of a story in The Book of Bartholomew. The story is titled Mental Exercises in which, while walking home from a party, Ned reminisces about a walk with his father and their dog Jingles.  I want to thank Laura for being such a good sport and willing participant.  Although, I did hear that the dogs were a little bit put-out by their part of the project.  Granted they had to go pee anyway, but who would want that posted on a blog?  It is disrespectful.

Keep on using your Artist's Brain - even if it is embarrassing to your pet.


  1. That's my Girl!!!!!!!!! Really Beautiful Mark

  2. Thank you Laura. I'm very happy you like it.

  3. You have a real talent when it comes to arts. This is a great painting of your dog.

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