Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oil Painting: Boiling Frog

This is Boiling Frog, an oil painting based on the phrase "like a frog in boiling water."  The phrase refers to the fact that frogs are cold blooded and can, if you desire, slowly be brought to a boil without realizing it.  I find it an appropriate symbol for the world's current predicament, as we seem to have fallen on hard times without recognizing the warning signs.  I painted this piece for The Book of Bartholomew.  In the third story, Bartholomew falls in love like a frog slowly being boiled in water.


  1. nice analogy, great painting

  2. Poor frog! I'm familiar with the phrase "Frog in a frying pan"... guess it's about the same meaning.

  3. "Frog in a frying pan," I like the sound of that phrase- more melodic. Just so everyone knows, no animals were hurt in the creation of this painting. This frog is fictional and any resemblance or similarity to any other frog that has been boiled in water is purely coincidental.