Saturday, January 23, 2010

Art Class Quizzes

I have been very busy pulling together information for art classes I will be offering soon. As part of these courses I have been making quizzes. See if you can answer the questions below correctly.

1. Contour line drawing is meant to...
a. capture the light as it falls across your subject
b. express atmosphere or mood
c. have as much information as possible
d. improve your ability to see your subject

2. Botanical art is different from floral art because...a. there really is no difference
b. botanical is watercolor and floral can be any medium
c. the creator is an artist and a scientist
d. it doesn't sell as much
e. it is concerned with botanical aspects of the plant

3. Making a drawing without looking at the paper is...a. a good party game
b. ridiculous
c. blind-contour
d. a good way to embarrass yourself

4. What is a thumbnail sketch?
a. The same as a blind-contour drawing, but drawn with graphite attached to your
b. Duh, a sketch of my thumbnail
c. a quick simple sketch of basic shapes in a composition
d. a line drawing with shading

5. Lines are...
a. formed where two shapes come together
b. full of information if they fully express shapes
c. long thin things that wrap around the world

1. c + d
2. e
3. c
4. c
5. a, b + c

How well did you do?

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